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12 Best Acne Scar Treatments in 2022 | How to get rid of acne scars!

Almost every adult and teen has gone through some sort of acne and some have worse experiences then others. I was some one who had a hard time. I got bullied by kids in my

classes and felt horrible as a young girl. It really is a very emotional experience as well as physical. I don't have it as bad as I had as a child, but I do still have dark spots and I do get those annoying hormonal zits. As you can guess I've tired a bunch of different skincare products. Some better than others but all made some kind of difference. I'm going to share with you the acne treatments I've tired and some I would try that can help you get rid of your stubborn acne scars! These products are all on amazon, who I'm affiliated with.


The first thing you can do is to start drinking water. If your thinking in your head, "really, water" yes, water. I'm going to be honest I don't drink enough water either, but when I do focus on getting my daily water in, I see a huge difference in my skin. We should all take advantage of the benefits natural water gives us. More than half of our bodies are made from it, so it all makes sense. If I drink water everyday it would probably clear my acne faster then some of these acne treatments. I've seen people say all they do is drink water and wash their face and that's why they've maintained clear skin, but I just can't let go of iced tea. Sugar is such a huge factor in why you can't clear those dark spots and why pimples just seem to come out of no where. I know all this and I'm still dealing with acne, I know it dumb but I'm taking baby steps. There's nothing wrong with trying and trying again. When the new year hit I ordered my self some label water bottles to keep me on track with my daily water. Amazon has a huge selection of water bottles with time stamps on them. You can find some really cute ones. Here's a few I thought are really cute. Shop all time water bottles here: