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3 Cute Protective Braid Hairstyles that won't go out of style, even in 2022!

Protective hairstyles are such an important part of natural hair. They help your hair grow, stay healthy and strong. Most curly heads have gone through a lot of different hair braiding experiences, whether your sitting in a braiding salon for half of your day or attempting to make it happen yourself, and we know what we like for our selfs. I feel like every time I look someone is trying to create a new look or a new trend, but nothing is better then the classic do's. They look good they feel good, some times lol and they can last you a while! Braids are just perfect honestly and I have the top 3 protective braid hairstyles that won't go out of style even in 2022.


Box Braids


I feel box braids are thee most popular style most woman/girls get when first starting off, or just wanting something to get that's simple that you can do a lot with. A lot of people like a simple hairstyle. As classic as they are there's still new and old kinds, like, the rubber band method vs knotless. Short Box braids vs Long, Crochet vs Poetic justice braids etc. I love the classic braids that hit the middle of your back and look neat and simple.

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Check out a box braid tutorial I did on YouTube here :


Faux Locs


I have to say I love a faux loc hair-do! I love the look of natural locs and for people like me who don't want to really loc their real hair up, this style is perfect for you! It's probably the easiest and quickest style to put in your hair and the older they get the more natural. It's a win, win really !

Heres a tiktok tutorial video I did on my faux locs :

Check out my Youtube Faux Locs Tutorial Here: