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3 Simple Ways To Wear Eyeshadow For Beginners | How To Apply Eyeshadow!

When I really started to get into wearing eyeshadow it was hard for me to figure out the best way for me to wear it. I didn’t want to look crazy, I wanted to do it right and look cute. I didn’t realize there where certain things you could do or certain ways to put on the eyeshadow to make it look the best. So after I learned those things I started to actually create the looks I pictured in my head. Nothing hurts more then trying to bring a look to life and it‘s just not coming out how you wanted. That could be cause you used the wrong products or didn’t use enough. I used to just put eyeshadow on my eye-lid with no pimer or concealer, now I know that applying primer/concealer to my lid will make my eyeshadow last longer and the pigment in the eyeshadow will be brighter. I skipped that one step for years because I felt it wasn’t important but now I can see how much better my eyeshadow looks compared to before.

Before I got to fully covering my eye-lid with eyeshadow I started small, I did looks that made my eyes pop, rather than the eyeshadow was the pop.


The first look I rocked was..

1) The Inner Corner Eyeshadow Look

The Inner Corner Eyeshadow Look

This look was really my go to, before 2020 hit and changed everyone’s lives, I was working two jobs and three before that! I wanted to wear eyeshadow to work that wasn‘t to much but still had that pop and this way was such a gorgeous way. It drew people into your eyes, and if you put the right color you can make your eyes look like an art piece.

After doing my foundation/base routine, I take a small amount of concealer or primer and place it right in the inner corner of my eye-lid. My go to concealer is La Girl Pro concealer ( Read my full review on their concealer here: ) or urban decays primer, get yours here with my affiliate link:

After letting that sit for a couple of seconds, I then take whatever color I want from my profusion untied colors palette and apply a good amount gently on top of that concealer/primer. Most of the time I don’t apply a eyeliner but you can and next I add lashes. I also wouldn‘t use setting spray on my eyeshadow but because it’s a small amount and I want it to last I will do a light spray of setting spray from elf.

Here’s a step by step video tutorial:


2) The Eyeshadow Eyeliner Look

Eyeliner already looks so great but add a pop of color and you can change the vibe of that

look. Make it look softer for spring or sexier for Valentine’s Day. I did a simple blue eyeliner look with rhinestones for my Mother’s Day makeup last year. I loved it so much here‘s that look.