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Black Beauty | The 7 Hottest Black Owned Beauty Brands Today! | Honoring Black History Month

Black History Month is almost here and in honor of that, I am going to share with you the hottest black owned beauty brands and their products selling in 2022. Shopping from black owned businesses I feel has become a bit popular lately. It is something that I do research on and I think you should as well. Black beauty is something that the African American community has struggled with for years. The idea that we should have straight hair or lighter skin crosses almost every little girls mind at some point. I'm happy to see that in the last few years a lot of black women have started to embrace their black beauty, and are teaching their daughters to do so as well. Stuff like their natural curly hair, their dark or light chocolate skin and the curves they were born with. To keep that trend going I researched black owned businesses selling with amazon, which who I'm affiliated with. Here are some company's I found that are popular right now.



Company Information-

-How did we get our start? BAIMEI is about empowering yourself to feel beautiful. Our story begins with a single piece of jade, presented as a gift to our family.

-What makes our products unique? Our products are perfect for everyday use and an essential to anyone who wants to improve their beauty routine with small, natural tools.

-Why do we love what we do? We’re confident our products will have a positive impact in the lives of people either by buying them for themselves or receiving it as a special gift from a loved one as a token of care.

Bailie Homepage -

Products to try :

Jade Roller & Gua Sha, Face Roller

Bath Sponge, Sponge Loofah Body Scrubber