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Fenty Beauty Highlight! - Thoughts on Thursday

Do you remember what you were doing, when Rihanna first announced she was coming out with a makeup line?! I think I was just scrolling on Instagram and saw her post. I was so excited, I think I texted my mom right after I found out. If you don’t know Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, Is one of the most popular makeup brands selling today! I’ve tired a number of different products since her first release and my number one favorite product is the highlighters! The formula in Rihanna’s highlight is something different. That shine, that sparkle is a little breath taking. I remember before covid, whenever I walked outside I would come home with about 10 comments on my Fenty highlight by the end of the day. I wasn’t even into highlight like that until Rihanna, so thank you girl for this gem!

You can find some Fenty beauty products here with my affiliate link:

Other videos I've done on Fenty products :

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