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How To Apply Fake EyeLashes With Eyelash Glue!

For a very long time I only put mascara on my eyelashes. I used to think they where to much for me and for the amount of makeup I used to wear it made sense. Now that I be beating my face, eyelashes are essential to completing my looks. I’m going to take you through my process of how I apply my fake eyelashes. There are a couple of different ways to apply fake lashes. You can use a strip of eyelashes, individual lashes (professional or diy) & magnet lashes. The first step of applying my lashes is putting mascara on my real ones. I usually do this after I actually apply the lashes because I like to put mascara on my fake lashes too. If that's not your thing then continue with applying the mascara first. After you finished your eyeshadow, your real eyelashes are all different colors. You need them to match your fake eyelashes and unless you bought the colorful lashes you want to make your real ones black. You don’t need a lot of product just a small coat will do. These are some mascaras i recommend to use:

Next you want to take your eyelash glue and apply it like a very thin eyeliner with no wing. I like to use black eyelash glue, I've tired clue glue and my eyelashes never stick on well. My go-to brand it duo you can shop their eyelash glues with my affiliate link here:

After you wait a couple of seconds for the glue to dry you want to start from the front of your eye and gently place the eyelash along the eyelash glue you applied. Place them the same way on each side, if not your eyelashes will look off. Here are some eyelashes I recommend:

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