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How To Get That "No Makeup" Makeup Look | The Best Makeup Products For Your No Makeup Look!

I think everyone want's to look like they are wearing makeup when they aren't. This is something that you can achieve with the right products and the right application. These are some photos of my current no, makeup, makeup look.

But in the beginning for me it wasn’t as easy as you would think. I used to try to attempt the no makeup look and always look like I have a whole bunch a foundation on my face with no lashes and thick eyebrows. I feel like the eyebrows and the amount of foundation is the biggest parts of the no makeup look. I used to have even thinner eyebrows than I do now and trying to make them look natural was almost impossible. I was using eyeshadow to fill in my brows which was half the problem and I was filling them in like I was coloring, instead of trying to make actual eyebrow hairs. Little things like that made a huge different in how my end result would look. So if your having trouble I'm going to take you through the steps I take and the products I use. to create my no makeup, makeup look.

My No Makeup, Makeup Look


Step 1) Clean your face with a face cleanser or wipes.

Products I recommend:

Get all the dirty off your face. If your dealing with acne breakouts, I reccommend using products that help prevent that as well. I have acne problems and dark spots I battle with, so I like to use mask and spot treatments for extra help.


Step 2) Comb eyebrows upward and makeup fake hair if needed

Products I recommend:

Soap brows are the big brow trend right now. Most trends I actually don't like to copy but soap brows are so cute I can't lie. They help make your eyebrows look thicker and longer than they are.

I love this eyebrow cream. I always used eyeshadow until I tired this products. It's such a nice cream, smooth, light and very easy to use. I can create natural looking fake eyebrow hairs that look good.

Check out my eyebrow tutorial for when your doing a full coverage look.