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How to shape your eyebrows with makeup & create the perfect brow for beginners!

Updated: Jan 13

I've never really had thick eyebrows. They aren't like, bald looking or skinny, they're just thin. So over the years I have experimented a lot with my eyebrows even going as low as shaving the ends, lmfao. I've tried taking biotin pills, natural foods to promote hair grow, and all kinds of hair growth oils. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to let them be. I'm not going to force what isn't there lol, but I will be turning them into what I want. Doing that of course I would need makeup, so I went of a hunt to find the best way for me to achieve natural looking eyebrows. I tired eyeshadow which I never think looks natural, a eyebrow pencil with mad them look like crayons and then a pomade, which has been amazing so far! I went for affordable, I went for brand name affordable and still found a great product. It's become my go to for eyebrow check out my affiliate link here:

This product is so easy to use. It makes my eyebrows look natural and thick and it's under $5, I couldn't ask for more. I made a YouTube video on this product and how I use it to create my prefect brow, you can watch that video here:

I think I may stick with this eyebrow pomade for a while, overall it's such a great product at such a greåt price I just have to! If you try this out let me know, I want to know how you like it!

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