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How To Spice Up Your Edges With Style Factor Edge Booster Pomade | Mane Monday ✨

I have struggled so much in so many different ways when it comes to my hair. Especially when is come to my edges. When I was in high school and I first cut my hair everything was fine, but when I went to college and started to experience real stress of life and being a young adult I started to experience some hair lost. I will never forget being in my dorm room and parting my hair for a new style I was doing and seeing a bald spot where my edges should be. Such a sad moment for my hair journey but i got through that and it grew back. Then after I had my son I had postpartum shading and my edges again, left me hanging and had to pray on my hair every night. When they finally grew back I wanted to start to try to spice them up a bit. I tried eco styler gel, got 2b and gorilla snot gel but none of them would hold my hair down the way I would see these girls on social media would have them. It was either I had the wrong gel or I just couldn’t do it. After I found style factor edge booster I realized it wasn’t me, it was the product. When I tell you that this gel has the best hold I have ever seen in my life I really am not lying. I love this pomade and I will never use anything else ever again. It’s just perfect!


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Description on product:

Styling natural hair can be tricky, so it helps to have an edge. The EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Styling Gel can be applied to dry or damp hair, so you can use it every day for virtually every look. Simply rub a small amount of the styling gel between your hands and spread it evenly through your hair, targeting the spots where you need the most hold. This alcohol-free formula is available in a variety of scents. No matter what fragrance you choose, the look is the same – high shine with a strong hold. Natural Camelia Sinensis seed oil delivers textured shine that lasts all day and helps nourish healthy hair in the process.


Check out my YouTube videos where I use style factor edge booster to do my natural hair:


When you find a great product you should always want to share it with other curly girls. It‘s rough out here, cause not everything works for everybody so I hope this helps you!

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