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NK Makeup : Lip Gel Review- Thoughts on Thursday

Lip gloss is like one of the first makeup products that a girl try’s. I can’t even remember my first lip gloss, I had a bunch. One thing you always remember is the quality of lip gloss and I remember lip glosses that made my lips feel dry or like nothing was on them, that would run out after 5 mins on or just wasn’t glossy the way I like. After years of going through these type of things I finally found a great lip gloss. Nk Makeup has the perfect lip gloss and they come is a bunch of different shades/ flavors. Did I mention that It's a drugstore lip gloss starting at $1.99. I’ve used their gloss for a while now but I finally bought some different ones to try.


Nk Lip Gloss Shades I’ve tired:

Clear Gel:


Strawberry Gel :


Mint Gel :


Gold Gel :